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Attorney Jeff Rasansky

Jeff Rasansky

Trucking accident claims are complex and expensive. For that reason, you want to retain the services of an attorney with experience handling truck accident claims, and if there was a fatality, accidents involving wrongful death claims.

You also want to make sure the law firm you retain has the financial resources to see a claim through from start to finish. You do not want to find yourself prematurely settling a claim for much less than its value merely because your attorney no longer has the financial resources to sustain your case.

Before opening the Rasansky Law Firm, Jeff represented insurance companies at a defense firm. During this time, he learned many of the tactics insurance companies employ to prevent car wreck victims from receiving fair compensation. Jeff’s desire to help families such as yours led him to establish his own practice. Jeff and his truck accident attorneys labor tirelessly to achieve the justice his clients deserve.

Respect  Resources  Results

With so many truck accident attorneys available in Texas especially in Dallas / Fort Worth it can be hard to decide who to select for representation. When considering the Rasansky Law Firm, consider these three factors:

  • Respect. Our team respects your time and dignity. YOU are the center of attention at the Rasansky Law Firm. You will always have access to your car wreck lawyer and paralegal. Regardless of how large or small your case is, we are dedicated to pursuing justice on your behalf.
  • Resources. Do you want a law firm with access to the latest and greatest accident reconstruction technology and knowledgeable medical experts? You’ll find that at the Rasansky Law Firm, where we have an in-house nurse on hand to review your medical records, and we can suggest doctors who can help you with your specific needs.
  • Results. Talk is cheap. The Rasansky Law Firm delivers results for
    truck accident victims.

The Time to Act is NOW

Regardless of where in Texas your vehicle accident happened, you can count on the Rasansky Law Firm. Each 18 wheeler accident attorney at our firm promises every client three things: Respect, Resources, and Results.Contact us today and discover what it feels like to have experienced car wreck attorneys treat you like their most important client.

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